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Staff Having Fun

This really was such a fun shoot to capture. After the Portrait’s were captured, they wanted me  to be captured naturally, doing what they do after a week of hard work. It was really amazing to see this small staff relax and get along so well with the bosses and their colleagues. It did look like a lovely place to spend one’s day. Hard work is needed but fun at the end to say Thank You….companies shoots 087companies shoots 093companies shoots 095companies shoots 098companies shoots 100companies shoots 101companies shoots 102companies shoots 104companies shoots 105companies shoots 109companies shoots 113companies shoots 117companies shoots 119companies shoots 126companies shoots 136companies shoots 139companies shoots 140companies shoots 146companies shoots 148companies shoots 152companies shoots 157companies shoots 171companies shoots 177companies shoots 180companies shoots 184companies shoots 204companies shoots 213companies shoots 216companies shoots 217companies shoots 218companies shoots 224companies shoots 228companies shoots 230companies shoots 234companies shoots 235