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Family Celebrations

I did a family shoot the first week I arrived in Cape Town. I was excited as a large family and had planned a few poses I wanted to do. The first lesson I learned with this shoot, is to never do a big family without knowing the venue and to make sure that everyone had the time and not in a hurry to get away for business. The sunlight was very harsh for the outdoor shots so we took the pics of the smaller families indoors which came out a lot better. I just hope that from all the photo’s taken that day of the whole family together they find ONE they like…._DSC6746_DSC6686_DSC6764_DSC6740_DSC6753_DSC6745_DSC6735_DSC6733_DSC6731_DSC6728_DSC6711_DSC6709_DSC6720_DSC6710_DSC6707_DSC6702_DSC6696_DSC6698_DSC6683_DSC6692_DSC6751_DSC6768