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Italian Grandmother With Grandson

This Italian grandmother came for a photo shoot with her two daughters and grandson. This shoot was a challenge for me, language wise. The Grandmother could only speak Italian, doesn’t understand German or English. I spoke in my * funny * German and the daughters translated.  When she spoke to me in Italian, the daughters would translated in German – which was also a huge challenge as my German is not that good!  The grandmother is currently on holiday,  so the daughter booked the photo shoot to having images of them all together. While writing this now I had a thought….How does the Gran and Grandson communicate as with growing up in Germany, he speaks German!!?? Right at the end of this part of the shoot….the grandson did something ( it happened so quickly ) the next thing I saw the grandmother lying on her back with her legs up!! SONY DSC_DSC9513_DSC9515_DSC9517_DSC9518_DSC9519_DSC9521_DSC9522_DSC9523_DSC9526_DSC9528