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M & M Family Shoot

I got to photograph this lovely family a few weekends ago. They were a lot of fun to work with. The Dad could speak English, which made things a lot easier for me, even though we had an interpreter join our shoot (  the sister ) – I loved working with them and the weather was perfect for an autumn shoot._DSC6889_DSC6894_DSC6899_DSC6901_DSC6906_DSC6914_DSC6960_DSC6968_DSC6969_DSC6971_DSC7007_DSC7008_DSC7009_DSC7012_DSC7027_DSC7031_DSC7074_DSC7075_DSC7081_DSC7096_DSC7098_DSC7103_DSC7109_DSC7110_DSC7142_DSC7161_DSC7166_DSC7193_DSC7200_DSC7209_DSC7223_DSC7225_DSC7229_DSC6918_DSC6959_DSC6964_DSC6979_DSC6983_DSC6991_DSC7021_DSC7082_DSC7088_DSC7091_DSC7102_DSC7140_DSC7148