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My Shining Star

I could not chose only a few to post as I just loved how this little girl reacted in front of the camera. As she only speaks and understands German, her Dad was sitting next to me telling her to do the things I was asking for in English 🙂 I loved seeing how she interpreted it all….the smile…the put your hands under your chin…took her a while to get that one…but precious!!!! I felt so excited with the camera in my hand watching her reactions. Some children are shy and others just go for it!!! This little one went for it!_DSC7798_DSC7802_DSC7803_DSC7804_DSC7805_DSC7807_DSC7808_DSC7809_DSC7810_DSC7811_DSC7812_DSC7813_DSC7814_DSC7815_DSC7816_DSC7817_DSC7818