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Rider and Horse Shoot

The rider feels like family to me. She was one of my very talented dancing girls for all the years I taught Dance in Cape Town…This makes it so much easier to be natural with me in front of the camera, feel free to give suggestions for her shoot. I love photographing this beautiful girl……The light that evening in Cape Town was perfect!_DSC9363_DSC9301_DSC9215_DSC9452_DSC9407_DSC9398_DSC9535_DSC9261_DSC9332_DSC9219_DSC9178_DSC9296_DSC9162_DSC9454_DSC9492_DSC9185_DSC9340_DSC9508_DSC9352_DSC9148_DSC9190_DSC9184_DSC9347_DSC9501_DSC9149_DSC9226_DSC9350_DSC9260_DSC9401_DSC9423_DSC9338_DSC9510_DSC9262_DSC9288_DSC9224_DSC9266_DSC9187_DSC9145

JEANINE - June 11, 2014 - 2:46 pm

well if i do say so myself —— these pics are SO AWESOME ! looks like out of a magazine xxxxxxxxxx Gucci looks so handsome xxxx
Thanx Marcelle

Marcy W - June 11, 2014 - 3:41 pm

I love capturing you and your ideas….both your shoots have been one of the hi lights of my shoots when in CT….I thank you for allowing me to capture these special moments…and thanks for the challenge.