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2 Week Old Newborn Boy

Oh my word…what a precious little boy…..he was so wide away, took him over two and a half hours to fall asleep….He would doze off and as soon as we put him down…He opened his beautiful eyes, give you eye contact as if he knew what was going on…was too sweet. Finally his doting Daddy got to put him to sleep so we could get the images we were looking for……_DSC4681_DSC4637_DSC4648_DSC4651_DSC4663_DSC4677_DSC4691_DSC4693_DSC4694_DSC4697_DSC4701_DSC4702_DSC4725_DSC4730_DSC4736_DSC4743_DSC4746_DSC4748_DSC4757_DSC4767_DSC4770_DSC4772_DSC4838_DSC4841_DSC4843_DSC4845_DSC4848_DSC4854_DSC4856_DSC4857_DSC4861_DSC4864_DSC4867_DSC4876_DSC4878_DSC4892_DSC4893