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3rd Little Easter Boy Shoot

This adorable little one was not feeling well…..I thought we might have to cancel the shoot as one look at him, I could see he was a sick little one….His mommy sat on the couch, holding and soothing him for a while when they arrived. Later I suggested we go up to the decorated studio as I thought that might take his attention away from how he was feeling. It worked….I give this little guy 10/10 as he worked so well with the camera which he did find very interesting….His mommy just had to keep wiping his running eyes and nose…but other than that, I think he was a poster child to photograph!_DSC0037_DSC0039_DSC0040_DSC0043_DSC0044_DSC0048_DSC0049_DSC0050_DSC0052_DSC0053_DSC0055_DSC0056_DSC0057_DSC0058_DSC0060_DSC0061_DSC0062_DSC0064_DSC0065_DSC0068_DSC0069_DSC0071_DSC0073_DSC0074_DSC0076_DSC0077_DSC0081_DSC0082_DSC0084_DSC0086_DSC0087