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Gorgeous 3 year old

This little girl just crawled into my heart. I got to her house for the shoot and she turned and spoke to me like she had known me forever!!! She brought her nail polish and asked me to paint her toes and finger nails, she wanted a sip of my water, showed me her toys….what really got me more than anything else was that I was speaking in my * strange * German and that didn’t put her off me. I so enjoyed this shoot with this little one!!!!DSC_4303DSC_4354DSC_4353DSC_4305DSC_4300DSC_4297DSC_4257DSC_4255DSC_4193DSC_4183DSC_4184DSC_4186DSC_4187DSC_4188DSC_4189DSC_4190DSC_4191DSC_4192DSC_4182DSC_4181DSC_4179DSC_4177DSC_4175