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Trash The Cake – First Birthday Shoot

I was looking forward to this shoot as I knew the mom had ordered a special outfit for her little boy from the USA….After taking images of him with his birthday date we put the cake with blue and white cream, in front of him. He looked at it…touched it, but would not put his hands in his mouth. He brought his hands up a few times, but never tasted. I put some cream on my finger to get him to taste, thinking he would then reach into the cake and put in his mouth…NO, not this one year old. Later he started to call out for his mom, so she climbed right in for the shoot in her nice clean white top, which didn’t stay white for long….towards the end of the shoot…He had enough…he wanted out of the slippery cream he was sitting in. I went downstairs, ran a shallow warm bath for him so we could clean him up and get him dressed.

I love the colour scheme of this shoot….

My first birthday boy!!!_DSC1382_DSC1383_DSC1384_DSC1385_DSC1387_DSC1389_DSC1391_DSC1393_DSC1394_DSC1396_DSC1397_DSC1399_DSC1401_DSC1404_DSC1405_DSC1406_DSC1408_DSC1410_DSC1411_DSC1414_DSC1415_DSC1418_DSC1419_DSC1420_DSC1423_DSC1425_DSC1426_DSC1427_DSC1431_DSC1432_DSC1436_DSC1437_DSC1440_DSC1442_DSC1445_DSC1448_DSC1450_DSC1451_DSC1452_DSC1453_DSC1455_DSC1458_DSC1464_DSC1466