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Couple Shoot in the snow….

I’m so pleased we did this shoot when we did, as there has not been any snow since this weekend.

This is such a special girl to me….my assistants beautiful daughter and her love…they had so much fun together and were so easy to photograph. They forgot the camera was around – makes for beautiful, natural photo’s, the kind I love the most. Natural is my first love when it comes to photography._DSC1120_DSC1077_DSC1085_DSC1094_DSC1100_DSC1108_DSC1116_DSC1130_DSC1132_DSC1136_DSC1140_DSC1146_DSC1149_DSC1162_DSC1169_DSC1217_DSC1227_DSC1237_DSC1242_DSC1243_DSC1251_DSC1256_DSC1266_DSC1278_DSC1292_DSC1313_DSC1317_DSC1355_DSC1363_DSC1376_DSC1380_DSC1392_DSC1396_DSC1402_DSC1412_DSC1473_DSC3213_DSC3264_DSC3271