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Special Family

There is nothing more special to me than meeting up with one of my dancing girls over 20 years later and seeing her as a wife and mother, and meeting her family!  That was this shoot….I loved getting to know her gorgeous husband and three adorable children over a shoot and cup of coffee.DSC_1072DSC_1074DSC_1077DSC_1079DSC_1081DSC_1087DSC_1095DSC_1093DSC_1064DSC_1068DSC_1104DSC_1106DSC_1112DSC_1109DSC_1114DSC_1116DSC_1121DSC_1124DSC_1126DSC_1129DSC_1130DSC_1133DSC_1139DSC_1144DSC_1156DSC_1164DSC_1165DSC_1168DSC_1171DSC_1172DSC_1176DSC_1196DSC_1201DSC_1204DSC_1216DSC_1231DSC_1233DSC_1235DSC_1244DSC_1246DSC_1248DSC_1252