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Autumn Family Shoot

I met this mom and her adorable little one about a year and a few months ago.  I did a friends shoot with a few mom’s who met in hospital when they all gave birth to their little ones. The moms and babies all got together once a week for catch up’s and to allow their kids to play with each other. I got a message from the mom about a month ago asking  if I was available to do a FAMILY shoot for them….so we went ahead and planned it. I loved meeting the Dad and seeing them interact with each other….Thank you to the Dad who spoke such good English…made the shoot a lot easier 🙂 _DSC7344_DSC7349_DSC7351_DSC7356_DSC7359_DSC7361_DSC7364_DSC7403_DSC7404_DSC7405_DSC7409_DSC7411_DSC7416_DSC7425_DSC7434_DSC7471_DSC7475_DSC7478_DSC7489_DSC7491_DSC7499_DSC7525_DSC7529_DSC7535_DSC7580_DSC7586_DSC7643_DSC7645_DSC7649_DSC7659_DSC7701