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Autumn Shoot

My first Autumn shoot of the season with a little one who turned ONE a few weeks before. I know I am posting many photo’s from this shoot, but I love my little model’s expressions, they are priceless. The way she looked at me, the way she looked at her mom standing next to me…Looking back now it makes me smile!!!_DSC5518_DSC5525_DSC5531_DSC5535_DSC5536_DSC5538_DSC5542_DSC5543_DSC5545_DSC5546_DSC5549_DSC5550_DSC5556_DSC5560_DSC5562_DSC5568_DSC5570_DSC5571_DSC5577_DSC5583_DSC5585_DSC5588_DSC5589_DSC5590_DSC5592_DSC5593_DSC5594_DSC5595_DSC5596_DSC5597_DSC5598_DSC5599_DSC5600_DSC5607_DSC5608_DSC5609_DSC5611_DSC5613_DSC5615_DSC5621_DSC5623_DSC5633_DSC5635_DSC5636_DSC5650_DSC5652