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Couple Shoot At Lake

I met this Couple at the wedding I photographed last month…..we spoke about getting together for a shoot and at the same venue where I took the Bridal Couple’s photo’s – Its such a beautiful venue. I love the lake and using the water with their reflections. The weather was perfect while we did the shoot, it drizzled a little when I drove to the meeting place, but soon stopped. I love to capture people with natural lightening and find that cloudy weather makes for beautiful photographs. When the sunshines it can be very harsh and people struggle with the sunshine in their eyes. I enjoyed working with this Couple and again I had them both speaking English to me, even when I tried to speak with my * broken * German.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC_DSC2722_DSC2724_DSC2727_DSC2732_DSC2735_DSC2736_DSC2737_DSC2738_DSC2742_DSC2747_DSC2748_DSC2750_DSC2754_DSC2760_DSC2762_DSC2766_DSC2768_DSC2770_DSC2773_DSC2776_DSC2778_DSC2782_DSC2785_DSC2788_DSC2791_DSC2793_DSC2798_DSC2800_DSC2802_DSC2806_DSC2815_DSC2819_DSC2823_DSC2826_DSC2829_DSC2835_DSC2836_DSC2842_DSC2845_DSC2846_DSC2849_DSC2853_DSC2854_DSC2858_DSC2859_DSC2861_DSC2862_DSC2863_DSC2866_DSC2867_DSC2870_DSC2871_DSC2878_DSC2884