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Dirndl Shoot

I met up with 3 lovely German ladies last Sunday…..we wanted to do a Friends shoot celebrating a German traditional outfit….The Dirndl…Most German women have one and at this time of the year they wear them to special October parties and gathering. I love seeing how different they all are, and so colourful….Love that the German women celebrate this German tradition…Growing up in Cape Town myself where I was never exposed to this tradition besides looking at photography from the Munich Oktoberfest….I sure love it!!_DSC6537_DSC6526_DSC6323SONY DSC_DSC6505_DSC6377_DSC6421SONY DSCSONY DSC_DSC6509_DSC6513_DSC6546_DSC6465_DSC6318_DSC6458_DSC6329_DSC6310_DSC6409_DSC6517_DSC6515_DSC6378_DSC6372_DSC6380_DSC6415_DSC6507_DSC6538_DSC6466_DSC6541