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First Taste

The little one’s very clever mommy made the cake and used crushed fresh strawberries with quark as the icing on top…so it tasted like a pudding and the birthday girl loved the taste. She kept on eating which made capturing this moment such an easy one for me. I took so many images….I love how she just sat on the one spot eating the * icing *…laughing at her mommy who was sitting next to me….looking at her fingers and then digging back in to eat some more…._DSC2660_DSC2663_DSC2665_DSC2667_DSC2669_DSC2673_DSC2674_DSC2677_DSC2679_DSC2685_DSC2687_DSC2689_DSC2692_DSC2697_DSC2704_DSC2711_DSC2717_DSC2727_DSC2729_DSC2746