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I’m ONE Today

She’s a WHOLE ONE years old today….the little German girl I got to photograph many times since her birth….This was the start of the shoot, before the cake arrived. Was so sweet how she felt * naked * – In the beginning she kept touching her skin with an enquiring look on her face. Her mom then said that she is not used to being without her clothing on – It felt strange to her…after a while she forgot all about not having clothing on and went ahead and was the little model I know her to be…HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE GERMAN GIRL…_DSC2647_DSC2643_DSC2612_DSC2611_DSC2626_DSC2645_DSC2639_DSC2619_DSC2592_DSC2599_DSC2602_DSC2589_DSC2570_DSC2630_DSC2608_DSC2596_DSC2581_DSC2607_DSC2585