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Newborn shoot

I met such an adorable 14 day old newborn…..When she arrived for the shoot, she was FAST asleep. Later I took off all her clothing and she woke, think my hands were too cold……she didn’t settle until we dressed her about an hour later. I think she prefers having her clothing on, typical little girl 🙂 …. This meant for the last half an hour I was able to capture her with eye’s closed and relaxed…Her mommy tells me later that she had a sore tummy as well…..Poor little darling!!!!_DSC5852_DSC5829SONY DSCSONY DSC_DSC5881_DSC5895_DSC5877_DSC5858_DSC5898_DSC5901_DSC5914_DSC5917_DSC5921_DSC5935_DSC5931_DSC5927SONY DSC_DSC5837_DSC5940_DSC5945_DSC5949_DSC5955_DSC5960_DSC5965_DSC5967_DSC5974_DSC5982_DSC5987_DSC5990_DSC5994_DSC6006_DSC6010_DSC6013_DSC6017_DSC6026_DSC6036_DSC6042_DSC6046_DSC6049_DSC6054_DSC6058_DSC6063_DSC6065_DSC6067_DSC6068_DSC6072

Kathie Mathis - July 7, 2014 - 1:29 pm

She is precious! Such a pretty little girl.

Susanne - July 7, 2014 - 1:47 pm

Oh my… such a cute little girl!!! Absolutely amazing and stunning photos!!!