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Today I Turn ONE

Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY – What a Princess this little one was. She didn’t like getting her hands dirty – and got pretty upset with me if I put her fingers in the cake and tried to get her to taste….LOL….Shame the poor little one got ill two weeks before the shoot and was still suffering from a runny nose and wanting to be close to her mommy…but we managed…we got her to smile, to play along in-between lots of hugs.

Today is her official birthday….._DSC2272_DSC2244_DSC2173_DSC2250_DSC2152_DSC2407_DSC2397_DSC2513_DSC2389_DSC2470_DSC2146_DSC2413_DSC2229_DSC2180_DSC2157_DSC2522_DSC2455_DSC2143_DSC2147