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14 Days Old Little Boy

Little little one was so tired…each time I moved him into a new position, he would open his eyes and then want his dummy…His new mom and I would have to wait for him to fall asleep again, slowly remove the dummy and quickly capture 🙂 I love babies!!!!_DSC4120_DSC4121_DSC4124_DSC4128_DSC4131_DSC4136_DSC4141_DSC4152_DSC4155_DSC4157_DSC4161_DSC4162_DSC4164_DSC4170_DSC4175_DSC4178_DSC4180_DSC4188_DSC4193_DSC4197_DSC4208_DSC4212_DSC4219_DSC4221_DSC4260_DSC4264