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Couple Shoot in the rain

I knew before I started this shoot that it was going to rain…From experience the weather is Germany can be good one minute and the next its storming. We decided to still do the shoot and adjust with the weather. I was so pleased we did as we got some special images of this beautiful couple and in the rain. When it rained at one point,  we used the umbrella for a few shots. At the end of the shoot there was a huge storm…I had so much fun with this new photography experience. I was soaking wet when I got to my car ….but with a big smile on my face. _DSC6577_DSC6496_DSC6499_DSC6506_DSC6508_DSC6516_DSC6518_DSC6521_DSC6527_DSC6535_DSC6536_DSC6539_DSC6543_DSC6552_DSC6558_DSC6563_DSC6569_DSC6588_DSC6592_DSC6596_DSC6606_DSC6613_DSC6648_DSC6652_DSC6658_DSC6660