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Loved Up Couple

I have photographed the woman from this shoot once before, so was thrilled when she wrote to me and said she wanted me to photograph a Couple Shoot for her. It was lovely to meet her * other * half and do a shoot of them together. We had lots of fun. They allowed me to suggest things and did it without any hesitation. _DSC6930_DSC6921_DSC6937_DSC6946_DSC6949_DSC6944_DSC6958_DSC6967_DSC6962_DSC6990_DSC6995_DSC6998_DSC7000_DSC7001_DSC7007_DSC7011_DSC7013_DSC7034_DSC7039_DSC7040_DSC7049_DSC7054_DSC7060_DSC7061_DSC7068_DSC7075_DSC7085_DSC7086_DSC7090_DSC7106_DSC7118_DSC7123_DSC7127