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Fashion Shoot In Cape Town

I did a Fashion shoot for a student who is studying Children’s Fashion while on holiday in CT. She needed two young models for the shoot,  so we used two of my grandchildren.  My 4 year old granddaughter was a little shy, but not my grandson. He got into character from the start and was so sweet with his cousin as he got her to relax. It was a fun day…even with the CT wind._DSC8065_DSC8249_DSC8240_DSC8236_DSC8227_DSC8228_DSC8196_DSC8192_DSC8188_DSC8182_DSC8179_DSC8174_DSC8173_DSC8162_DSC8159_DSC8153_DSC8144_DSC8138_DSC8135_DSC8130_DSC8128_DSC8126_DSC8112_DSC8104_DSC8082_DSC8071_DSC8063_DSC8049_DSC8047