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The wedding day is sent – July 2016….Lots of planning and excitement at the moment. When I met this couple to discuss their wedding day and the photography they wanted, I suggested we get together for a Couple shoot before the wedding day. For them to get to know me and my style and for me to get to know them – another reason was for them to feel comfortable with me on their wedding day…. Now I look forward to capturing their special day for them._DSC5999_DSC6002_DSC6006_DSC6014_DSC6023_DSC6032_DSC6041_DSC6044_DSC8201_DSC8206_DSC8211_DSC8215_DSC8217_DSC8218_DSC8229_DSC8231_DSC8237_DSC8239_DSC8243_DSC8248_DSC8249_DSC8255_DSC8260_DSC8268_DSC8273_DSC8274_DSC8278_DSC8283_DSC8292_DSC8301_DSC8303_DSC8310_DSC8321_DSC8322_DSC8329_DSC8336_DSC8342_DSC8343_DSC8350_DSC8364